Who Is He?

Timo was born in 1982 and grew up in the sixties and seventies... How did that happen you might wonder? well... meet his parents! Ever since he was a baby he got injected with music produced mostly by LSD and a few genius minds. From Pink Floyd through to Cream and last but not least: Mr. J Hendrix. Growing up as a teenager his musical influences were injected by his brother. Bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam and his own personal favourite: Guns n' Roses were regular visitors of his first walkman.

Turning 16 Timo got interested in the nightlife and quickly he was to be found on one of Amsterdam's main squares the Rembrandplein. Hanging around in the Cocos bar, Thorbecke he watched huge amounts of people entering the yet forbidden fruit: Escape Venue. It was not long when Timo and his buddy decided to forge their ID cards and give it a go at one of the worlds best clubs. They got in and even managed to get a hold of a "Chemistry" member card which would allow them unlimited access. Captivated by the sounds of Isis, Marcello and many others the tide turned towards: House Music.
What Does He Do?

Timo teached himself to mix and listen to music; he learned it all on the Numark vinyl turntables he "borrowed" from his sister-in-law. After mastering the vinyl way of mixing he borrowed 2 CDJ's and started mixing CDs. Nowadays he can cleanly mix tracks together and moves to focus on aligning multiple sounds into 1 flow.

Lately he has been spinning at smaller parties at peoples homes; birthday parties and other theme's. The good advantage of these parties are a huge variety of people and long long loooong sets! Next up are larger parties within venues.
His Mixes and Music:

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